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Endeavour Morse's 1959 Jaguar Mk I

Shaun Evans & Jag

Morse's first name, Endeavour, was kept a secret until the end of an episode called 'Death Is Now My Neighbour', transmitted in 1997.

Morse's burgundy Jaguar Mk II was bought for £1,000 by the props department for the series and sold for 10 times as much once the show ended.

Author Colin Dexter made a walk-on but non-speaking appearance in almost every episode of the show.

Despite several romances, Morse never married.

The Inspector Morse series was made up of 33 episodes mostly set near Oxford.

One of Morse's best quotes is:  "The secret of a happy life is to know when to stop - and then go that bit further."

About Morse...


The new episode...

The drama is set in 1965,  written by Russell Lewis, with support from Colin Dexter who wrote the original series.


The storyline follows the hunt for a missing schoolgirl which draws Morse back to Oxford.


The young sleuth is sidelined but showing the determination which Morse fans will recognise, he risks all in the hunt for a truth that will haunt him.


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