Endeavour Morse's 1959 Jaguar Mk I

IMG_0496 IMG_0450 Shaun Evans & Jag

A Jaguar set against the backdrop of Oxford's majestic spires once again became a familiar sight on our TV screens.  But this time instead of a red Mk 2, Endeavour Morse's set of wheels was my black Jaguar Mk 1!


Actor, Shaun Evans, who played the lead role, took to driving UFF 325 like a duck to water.  


Filming was in Uxbridge, Rickmansworth and Wargrave and of course Oxford - long days, up to 13 hours at a time!


There were no major issues whilst filming, only to make the car look less shiny - this was achieved by spraying with lots of Pledge polish and a mix of dust and water - much to my dismay; it took ages to clean off!


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UFF325 voted car of the show at the Brighton & Hove Motor Club's 2013 event held at beautiful Stanmer Park, Brighton & the car the sponsors would most like to take home with them - no chance!


2012 saw the screening of the long awaited Morse prequel entitled 'Endeavour' to mark the 25th Anniversary of the first ever Morse episode.


Within an hour of finishing there were over 2,000 tweets acclaiming this brilliantly written film.


Shaun Evans played his lead role brilliantly as the young Morse.  The 31 year old actor, from Liverpool said he was thrilled to be given such a great role; never mind driving such a great car!

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